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Why do shoppers leave? Identify visitor frustrations and recapture those who exit early

Did you know that nearly 75% of millennial shoppers have left a retail venue without buying anything? A recent study, the 12th Annual Global Shopper Survey has found that the primary reason behind this is that retail-goers were often frustrated by various experiences during their stay. Let us show you how we can leverage digital to help you tackle these frustration points and let you serve these elusive shoppers more effectively in the digital age.

The 3 key visitor frustrations that we have identified

Visitors feel venue services are boring and slow

In today’s fast-paced society, long queues pose a dire challenge for retailers. Especially in the face of the new normal, social distancing is a priority, queuing is often frowned upon by the public. Moreover, the majority of visitors only wait for a maximum of 14 minutes, and if a queue appears to be too long, they will lose their patience and seek an alternative. Studies suggest that close to 70% of UK customers were unlikely to return to a store if they were made to wait on their last visit. Similarly, 50% of U.S. consumers have abandoned a purchase due to a poor service experience.

It is clear that in order in retaining shopper’s confidence in your venue, serving your clients quickly is crucial. At AAIOT Group, we have helped numerous clients eliminate the need for venue queuing, while also improving customer satisfaction and minimizing the loss of shoppers.

Eliminate queues once and for all with QMS

AAIOT Group and subsidiary Aura Labs, have jointly developed our leading queue management solution (QMS) for clients in retail, corporate, banking and government facilities. Our solution minimises both the actual time and perceived waiting time at any venue. With QMS, visitors no longer have to stand idly in a line; they can now receive a physical or digital queue number with a press of a button. This allows them to roam and browse your store, venue freely whilst they wait for service. From remote queuing, multi-queues, VIP access to queue-based data. Contact us and discover the what QMS has to offer.

Modern shoppers don’t feel engaged at your venue

In the content abundant digital age, people are constantly stimulated to make decisions. As a result, personalisation plays a big part in capturing the minds of a younger, more experience-driven consumer class. We can see this in full effect from the 2017 State of Personalisation Report published by Segment. The lack of personalisation in retail could result in an unsatisfactory experience for the majority (71%) of retail-goers. With over 44% of the surveyed individuals also showing greater loyalty after personalised services. It all boils down to this; In the modern age of retail-tainment, people are looking for experiences and offerings that appeal at a personal, thoughtful level.

Dynamic digital signage to convert deciding customers

At AAIOT, we build world-class digital signage systems to integrate promotional activities, advertising, and store discount information in a complete and flowing content journey that guides people throughout their shopping activities. For us, digital-out-of-home (DOOH) has two primary fronts; Ambient signage that can be found in common areas throughout a retail destination. And In-store signage that is prevalent within the shop areas of individual stores. We will focus on the latter, where signage is as the final component to persuade purchases. Close to 60% of consumers are more likely to buy a product when appropriate advertisements are displayed near the merchandise.

Digital Signage on its own does not provide a personalised experience, however, by combining other technologies; it can become a dynamic endpoint that appeals to shoppers at an individual level. By sensing gender, age and other metrics, our signage can be used to display discounts and promotional activities relevant to nearby shoppers. Our solution can also recognise revisiting shoppers and members to add a personal touch to the content displayed. What we offer is state-of-the-art sensing and display systems that allows our clients to build incredible dynamic signage journeys with greater flexibility and granularity.

Your visitors and shoppers find it tedious to ask for information

Traditionally, retail-goers obtain information through a concierge or service desk. Shoppers may want to find the closest restroom, ask for directions to a particular store or restaurant, gain access to membership services and more. However, in reality, information is not always accessible easily. Shoppers still have to locate the concierge and queuing for services could also occur. This is a notable concern as you do not want shoppers to feel lost, neglected, or dis-engaged. Building more concierges and adding personnel does not necessarily address the problem efficiently, as demand for information is based on traffic. More personnel also translate to higher costs and greater training requirements. In other words, digital means of distributing information are more effective. As it provides a more on-demand style of use and leaves concierge personnel for advanced services, including VIP programs and many others.

Digitise your concierge and make venue information on demand

  • – Not all visitors like human interactions, human-machine interface (HMI) is a crucial part in catering to the preferences of any visitor
  • – HMI is more efficient, think of kiosks and digital wayfinding. Information is more accessible, easier to update. No training required.
  • – Digital interface is more pervasive with more flexible coverage across your venue
  • – Under the new normal; remote and digital services have also become a virtue for both operators and shoppers by minimizing the need for interaction.

By digitalising your concierge, we can help you build seamless experiences that also captures usage information and help the you gain valuable insights on customer behavior.

Using digital wayfinding system to help visitors find destinations and facilities.

AAIOT Group offers Vispoint – an interactive wayfinding & visitor engagement solution. Our solution acts as the engine of all our kiosk deployments and provide end users with a comprehensive range of features that is extendible based on client requirements.

  • – 2.5D or 3D interactive maps
  • – Push navigational information from kiosk to mobile
  • – Advanced information search
  • – Digital signage capabilities
  • – Comprehensive tools to manage the information displayed
  • – Track searches and other usage information
  • – Extended modules for membership, F&B, carpark and many others

Vispoint has been deployed in numerous retail destinations in Asia. Connect with us to learn more about what we can build for your venue.

Applying a digital parking system

In Hong Kong and other metropolitan cities where space and especially parking is at a premium, shoppers often find themselves stranded when all parking spots has been taken. Worse, queuing could occur outside your venue, disrupting transport and causing bigger problems for your operations.

At its core, our digital parking system aims to transform traditional venue parking into a digitally accountable system. Our solution recognises parking vacancies, which can be displayed on location as an occupancy sensor and light, in an app or to be shown outside the venue. Our system allows visitor to get real-time information of available parking spots, and help them to check vacant parking spaces remotely.

We also provide extended features, including a module to help visitors search for their parked vehicles on interactive kiosks based on car plate recognition. Our solution could also be customized to allow visitors to reserve parking space in a visitor app which also frees them from the responsibility of looking after paper tickets. Similarly, with an app we can also help visitors apply for parking offers and complete payment digitally.

To address visitor frustrations in retail. Reinvent your services with better experiences.

What matters most?

It is clear that modern shoppers are frustrated by discontinuity of information and services that does not appeal to them individually. We believe the key take away for retail operators is that in order to provide the best retail experience, managing visitor expectations with transparency is paramount. You should let shoppers know if issues like queuing, waiting will occur. Ensure clarity of your retail message through pervasive and dynamic digital signage. Give your shoppers the flexibility to search for information independently and privately.

Why is it important to offer digital solutions?

  • – Improve visitor experience, personalized, reduced friction, upfront value
  • – These benefits lead to improved retention rate and better shopping experiences
  • – Allows management to understand which store/facility is having the most traffic. Using digital solutions, managers can gain valuable consumer insights
  • – Accordingly, they can plan for advertisement/promotion
  • – Leverage automation to improve operational efficiency for retail management and operations.
  • – Benefit from operational efficiency is reduced manpower, lowered cost and improved employee satisfaction
The landscape of modern retail is always changing. The younger, content driven generation is looking for more personalised retail experiences that closely resemble what they obtain online. Learn what issues are causing frustration to your visitors and explore options to address them.

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