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Smart Office and Space Automation at Taopu Smart City, Shanghai

Lingang Taopu Smart City is an intelligent park (AI Park) that was jointly built by the Putuo District of Shanghai, Lingang Group and East China Headquarters of Tencent Group. AI Park settled in TOP Plaza and has become a landmark for the smart city district. AAIOT Group is involved in the design, development and integration of our smart office automation and space reservation solutions.

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The office building of the China-Israel Innovation Hub (Shanghai) Headquarters was launched which the intention to be a state-of-the-art smart office showcase leveraging the Tencent WeCity services to manage intelligence & security, fire protection, energy, office, conference, property management, and manpower management. Furthermore, the control and management of elevator, building and face recognition and scan code authentication, fire control room when also introduced in this project. The AI Park project uses the Tencent Cloud Welink system as the core technology architecture. Our solutions, is fully integrated with Welink to provide intelligent conference reservations and conference room control.

The conference booking system connects our proprietary Accel Booking (AA-IoT 10” Touch Panel) with the cloud platform to achieve the seamless synchronisation of personnel data. By comparing the personnel information in the information database and our facial recognition module, our solution authorizes room access, and simultaneously set the conference booking and conference room equipment management through the network. The conference equipment is ready before the start of the conference and automatically closes after the conference. It enables automated energy-savings and eliminates the need to manually turn on the conference room equipment.

The intelligent control system of the conference room integrates the related equipment control and environment control in the conference room, which facilitates the user’s operation and solves the trouble of traditional control (multi-controller, multi-control keypad, etc.). It allows truly unified management and control, easy device status monitoring. It is simple and practical. With our developed gateway and air quality sensor to transmit the relevant data of the conference room to the cloud platform, it makes monitor and manages all conference rooms through the backend never been that easy.

The AAIOT intelligent conference system achieves the real integration of regional control and overall control, eliminating the traditional working procedure, saving labor and time.

At the landmark smart district of Lingang Taopu Smart City Shanghai we implemented multiple smart office and space reservation solutions to help people and operators better access assets, space and devices

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