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AAIOT has an extended repertoire to deliver remarkable solutions under one roof

Establishing capabilities that synergise with one another.

AAIOT group evolved from ProAVIOT. We constantly innovate to cover a broader spectrum of services that supplements integration, usage and maintenance. Allowing us to execute projects across multiple objectives.

The group has 3 streams and 3 companies, each offering independent capabilities. They combine to create a unique synergy for ProAVIoT services.

We solve complex system ideas  

We craft digital solutions of the future

We deploy world-class system infrastructure

Over the years we have built countless solutions and systems for our clients. We have consolidated our knowledge and experience into modular solutions that help us deliver more value for our clients. We distribute some of the top brands in central control, digital signage, LED displays and other professional products in AVIOT domains.

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AAIOT Group serves as the central operating body that helps the group and its constituents navigate the shifting paradigm of technology and system engineering. The group will lead the consolidation of services, optimise collaboration and supplement each subsidiary with the necessary leadership to move forward. The group aims to establish new capabilities and build evolving solutions, in order to capture untapped opportunities and better serve our existing clients in the digital age.

Our Service Coverage.

One of the founding principle of the group is in our ability to be agile and adaptable to the changing trends of technology. We constantly innovate to build new systems, create new synergies and provide better solutions for our clients. To support what we strive for, the group has amassed a diverse range of ProAVIOT centric services, products and solutions.

AVIOT Infrastructure

We build AVIOT infrastructures from design to deployment. End to end.

Digital Solutions

We develop custom digital solutions that serve on top of devices

Technology Consultation

We do research and provide studies to help clients make better decisions

Management Solutions

We guide and help manage project execution and integrations

Digital Out of Home

We create DOOH systems from digital signage to outdoor LEDs

System Support

We are experts in product continuity and further developments

  • Safety & Maintenance
  • On-boarding Services
  • Onsite & remote support
  • Site Assessment
  • Cloud Systems
  • Technology Training
  • Project Management
  • Digital Transformation
  • Interactive Design
  • Building systems with no limitations.

    Traditional audio, visual and control systems are limited by their physical and proprietary protocol. AAIOT’s philosophy is to break this paradigm and introduce a digital focus to all our projects. With a diverse range of products and expertises. We have the flexibility to deliver custom solutions for our clients no matter the complexity and project size.

    Crafting a robust and connected system is a given. We specialize in efficiency and value derivatives, creating automation mechanisms and streamlined processes to supercharge how people engage with space, devices and each other.

    Distribution & Consultation.
    Best in Class Systems.

    AAIOT Group has 3 companies in product distribution, each operation covers a specific geographic region. SCHOT, AAIOT and CAS. The group currently has a diverse line-up of over 20 brands and 300 products, including world-renowned names such as BrightSign, Extron and Sony

    South China House of Technology (SCHOT) is the oldest establishment in AAIOT group. Schot operates in Hong Kong offering state-of-the-art system consultation, distribution and solution products for large commercial entities and government institutions.

    安瑪思 AAIOT operates in Greater China. Offering distribution and integration services. The company have representative offices in 6 major cities in China. 

    Service and Support

    The group handles logistics and fulfillment; providing robust product expertise, installation guidance, training to deployment support for other companies.

    Product Chains

    The group centralizes all product distribution to allow other group companies to create custom and complete solutions in-house with greater speed and precision.

    Design and Integration

    AVT is an end to end systems and solutions integrator. Handling all client needs from design, research, deployment to support and beyond.

    Structural Efficiency

    AVT leverages lean agile teams to help clients fulfill their challenging projects. From idea conception to execution, the entire process has been streamlined to maximize results.

    Digital Transformation.
    Award Winning Solutions.

    Aura Labs is a full-stack digital agency with a primary focus on crafting Internet of Things solutions on interactive mediums. Aura Labs has been awarded by RTIA, ETNet Fintech, and many other institutions for technology advancement

    Aura Labs is the latest division founded by AAIOT group in 2017. It serves as the software and solutions development arm of the group. Aura Labs is a partner tenant at Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, with a branch in Shenzhen High Technology Software Park.

    Unmatched Digital

    From management systems, digital mediums to cloud infrastructures. Aura Labs is the software nexus that helps our group and our clients to fulfil their digital needs.

    Greater Synergy

    The world is moving towards a more connected ecosystems. Aura Labs solution synergise with group integration prowess to provide systems that others cannot.

    Let us know how you want to adopt digital.
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