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Merging Art With Technology, World Class Digital Signage at K11 Musea

K11 MUSEA is one of the latest prime cultural-retail destinations located in the heart of Hong Kong at Victoria Dockside. MUSEA, inspired by “A Muse by the Sea” is built to usher in a new era of retail that provides immersive experiences of art, culture, nature and commerce. Looking to create a unique retail-tainment journey for its visitors, K11 worked with us to implement innovative solutions that enrich shopper’s experiences.

The Technology Behind the Art of Digital Signage

At MUSEA, our main focus is to craft the viewable artistry and visual ideas laid out by K11. The implementation saw us install and manage over 1000 digital signage ends points around the venue. From promotional information, shop advertisements to ambiance effects; our company has built a network of signage that spans across indoor and outdoor areas, with a mix of delivery formats from signage walls, TV endpoints, projection to LED.

As the Asia partner of BrightSign, the world-leading digital signage solution; we powered our installation with a product we trust, one that offers exceptional flexibility and reliability.

The key innovation we brought to the project is our integration of signage content management. For MUSEA, we customised our proprietary ASMS and AAMS solutions by Aura Labs to offer what other signage solutions cannot. Our management system help facilitates the complex authorisation procedures and delivery options K11 requires. For internal management, we offer a multi-team collaboration of content, a cloud-based content library, multi-layer of approval, format control and more. For content delivery, we provide a wealth of options, from zone groups, AI-assisted playlist generation, granular settings of frequency, time and dates, and many others.

Guide Visitor Journeys with Digital Concierge

K11 MUSEA is a new amalgamation of concepts blending shopping, entertainment, museum and culture. With so many elements combined in a single venue, how visitors access information requires major attention. At K11, the solution is to implement interactive touchpoints for visitors to gain access to information on demand. A digital concierge that can clear questions no matter if its routes, store search, membership information to food & beverage. In this project, we implemented 60 wayfinding kiosks with Vispoint, our wayfinding solution by Aura Labs along with an F&B module.

Vispoint is a modular wayfinding solution that can be extended to include a plethora or data and real-time information. We also provide a range of tools to help operators configure what is show on the kiosks itself.

Vispoint offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help operators monitor, track and manage their kiosks across a large venue. From scheduling version updates, real-time status of kiosk health and uptime, to data metrics of usage. Vispoint provides unparalleled control over your installation.

The Evolution of Retail Technologies

Managing over 1000 endpoints and 60 kiosks, K11 MUSEA is one of our signature implementations of digital signage and kiosk-based interactives to-date. As the world continues to progress, retail has been acting fast to cater to a younger, more tech-savvy generation of shoppers. Retail destinations are no longer only competing with each other but with eCommerce and other forms of entertainment. AAIOT Group provides a comprehensive suite of solutions that helps the venue shift towards digital.

Our solution has been selected to power one of the latest retail destination in Hong Kong, K11 Musea for both indoor and outdoor digital signage. Our solution covers over 1000 endpoints, from interactive kiosks or LEDs, operated by 6 business units.

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