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Our innovation

We create building blocks to help businesses with digital transformation.


Digital transformation requires clear foresight.

Businesses often inundate themselves with the latest technology trends. This abundance mindset often impairs the discovery of digital opportunity. Solutions often only solve singular issues. They simply lack flexibility to address ever-changing demands.

Traditional system solutions are often fragmented.
They often stay confined, incapable of working with one another.

Siloed solutions could solve immediate problems. But they add unnecessary clutter in the long run.


To address fragmentation and clutter we create order and congruence.

AAIOT Group pioneers a technology stack to help businesses better facilitate digital transformation.


Transcend Boundaries

We break rigidity and let things meet. We provide an open platform and ecosystem for solutions to co-exist.


True Synergy

Our technology stack helps you transform different solutions into compatible, upgradable and scalable blocks.


Modular Blocks

No system is the same. We produce modular building blocks to form systems that has long term impact in mind. 

People, space and technology changes over time; so should you.

We help businesses across industries implement a technology stack to powers their digital future. We provide the tools to help businesses identify better objectives and key results (OKR). Our solutions grows and evolves with business opportunity, people, device and space.

Evolving Edge

Sensors & Actuators

Technology is ever-changing

Leverage a myriad of devices to measure, control and make sense of what is going on around you. Flexibility is key.


The AAIOT Engine

Collect, translate and synergize data.

From the device edge to multi-modal visualization for end users. We offer an engine to make everything compatible.


The Building Blocks

Manage people, device and data.

An ecosystem of building blocks (solutions) to help create scalable and precise transformations that cover a wider range of view.

Flip the cards

What makes AAIOT Group stands apart.

We create technologies that significantly improve efficiency and reduce implementation costs.  

Mix & Match

Unmatched flexibility. Customize your solutions

Data Compatibility

We make your data truly compatible and accessible

Hardware Agnostic

From legacy to IoT enabled. Connect any hardware


Solutions that supplements each other, render value


Power everything. Software, hardware and beyond

Powerful Networks

Enable mesh and island networks. Maximum coverage


Unmatched flexibility. Customize your solutions


Facilitate solutions at scale with greater upgradability


Build modular IoT infrastructure that adapts

Built for data

You cannot improve what you cannot measure.

Most businesses don’t lack data, they simply lack intelligence.

We build data technologies to help businesses discover values that others cannot.







Big Data

Extract and clean raw data


Refine and paint information


Build pathways to gain knowledge


Identify value and highlight insights


Connect insight and create intelligence

We help businesses understand greater implications and make seemingly disparate things empirically compatible

Platform and beyond

Unlock New Possibilities with Digital Twin.

We reinvent how digital systems in properties are built and managed.

Creating the all-in-one unified platform for planning, construction, maintenance and services for smart buildings and smart districts.

Facilitate Implementation

Connect everything, software or hardware; old or new. We help you collect, translate and synergise data. Platform serves as the foundation of digital adoption.

Enable Digital Transformation

We render everything into a digital format and enable operators to better test and control assets. We paint a bigger picture of how people interact with devices


How AAIOT can help you facilitate better digital signage.

Retail destinations are complex, with a plethora of things that share the same space. From people, devices to space. These things interact with each other and generate an abundance of data. We tap into the innate data-rich environment of retail and reimagine how operators measure performance and improve operations to induce tangible impact.

Plethora of Endpoints

Digital Signage

Facilitate Implementation

AAIOT PropTech render retail elements into a coherent and actionable picture. We power connected solutions that elevate retail as a whole.

How AAIOT can help you build better digital signage.

Digital signage is a primary component of digital-out-of-home advertising. It helps retailers capture impressions and persuade visitors to spend. But how can operators, marketers know how their content or campaigns has performed? 

connecting devices

  • Leverage existing or new hardware devices
  • Connect them to a unified platform

solution ecosystem

  • Digital signage for signage delivery
  • Visitor sensing to track viewer response

Data fusion

  • Build compatible datasets
  • Fuse multi-modal data to generate actionable insights

value generation

  • Insights lead to intelligence that can be iterated

Evolve Digital Signage with data drive insights.

Our technology stack enables you to leverage your data in ways previously unavailable to you. Here is a glimpse of how AAIOT can help you supercharge digital signage in a retail environment. We help you realise a diverse range of new digital opportunities. 

Our vision is to help retail property operators better leverage their physical and digital assets to create new possibilities.

Our impact

Our Impact.

We Empower Retail

We help retail properties implement a technology stack that powers their digital future.

We Enable Impact

We eliminate the technicalities of digital and let people focus on what matters most, creating impact.

We Provide Clarity

We provide the tools to help businesses identify better objectives and key results (OKR),

We Support Growth

We create comprehensive solutions that grows and evolves with business opportunity.

We help retail operators be more efficient, adaptable and collaborative.

We pack the power of PropTech into a Unified Portal for your people to manage everything.

Built for People

Across platform, facilitate multiple business units. For people, by people.


Manage and configure software, hardware with true granularity.

Realize Impact

Improve efficiency, optimise resources reduce cost and drive progress with data.

Learn more about our pioneering innovations in ProAVIT x Internet of Things