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Connect spaces, Elevate visitor experiences and Sharpen operations

We render retail elements into a coherent and actionable picture.

We leverage our technology stack to build cutting-edge technologies for shopping mall developers and operators. We focus on the dual aspects of granular to macro-scale integrations in retail. We believe digitisation brings everything to the same playing field. Our platform can help you capture retail insights and realise a wide array of outcomes.


Increase venue attractiveness


Reduce repetitive operations and save costs


Maximise Income Streams


Safeguard assets, proactive maintenance


Leverage a scalable, modular system

We tap into the innate data-rich environment of retail and reimagine how operators measure performance and improve operations. By utilising our AAIOT platform, we create retail specific solutions that leads to tangible impact. Persuade consumers to spend, satisfy your tenants, provide clarity for stakeholders, maximise digital assets and create unparalleled shopping experiences. 

Core Solutions for Retail

We focus on core objectives, rather than singular solutions that only bring fleeting benefits. Our platform powers connected solutions that elevate retail as a whole. Our platform orchestrates and manages a vast number of nodes and align assets, solutions to spark new synergies.

Retail destinations are complex, with many things that share the same space. From people, devices to space. These things interact with each other and generate an abundance of data. 

  • Digital Signage
  • Smart Carpark
  • Smart Restroom
  • Interactive Kiosks
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Footfall Tracking
  • Visitor Application
  • Many others
  • People and Asset Tracking

    AAIOT has a hardware and technology agnostic approach to help you yield insights that reflect reality more accurately. We leverage wifi, camera and various sensors to understand how people interact, dwell, shop and much more. 


    Customer Behaviour

    Device Status

    Mixed Assets

    We can help you identify visitor profile groups, understand how different people navigate your space. Learn how promotions and other variables affect visitor spending and even forecast visitor numbers based on trends and variates.

    Digital Signage Infrastructure

    As digital technologies continue to progress, capturing people’s attention is getting more and more challenging. Digital signage offers a pervasive approach to deliver your retail message effectively in today’s media-rich environment.

    Coverage & Control

    Dynamic Content

    Endpoint Design

    Authorisation & Safety

    We offer comprehensive tools to help mall operators deliver content more effectively. From dynamic content based on viewership, large scale outdoor LED, to granular control of played content and playlist approval workflows. Our DOOH solution suite handles them all.  

    Industry Leading Deployments

    Over the years, we have installed over 100k square feet of retail displays amassing more than 1 million direct and in-direct impressions every year. We have integrated for some of the most popular retail destinations in Greater China.

    Digital Signage

    Square Foot Installed
    0 K+


    Annual Impressions
    0 Million

    Notable Clients

    Retail Resource Management

    Visitors, shoppers use a wide range of services while at your venue, we let you connect all your services digitally and engage consumers on many shopping journeys rather than isolated trips. 

    Loyalty Solutions

    Smart Parking

    Smart Facilities

    Mixed Assets

    From mobile application based loyalty and membership systems, personalised services to smart parking for vehicle easy entry and car search. We help you implement smart facility solutions to help you better manage and safeguard your facilities, assets and deliver greater customer experiences as a whole.

    Vispoint Wayfinding

    Vispoint is a modular wayfinding solution that transforms how visitors obtain information. Learn more On the surface, Vispoint is an interactive map that helps shoppers with navigation. However, it can become so much more.

    Vispoint acts as the central hub for visitor services ranging from food & beverage queuing, movie ticketing to concierge services and beyond. We help you eliminate the disconnection between your information and services with your visitors. 

    Interactive Experiences

    Modern retail is transitioning to retail-tainment. People look for experiences more than anything else. At AAIOT Group, We have the capability to help you build and operate incredible interactive experiences at indoor and outdoor venues. 

    AI Recognition

    Digital Reality AR VR MR

    Journey Immersion

    Audio Visual Mastery

    From multi-reality games, people aware interactives to vibrant and life-like delivery. Our interactive experiences will impress your visitors, retain their interest and promote revisits to your property. 

    Unified Dashboard

    We fuse data from multiple sources to make it easier to identify pathways of improvement. Leverage multi-modal Data Fusion to see the bigger picture of retail.

    Retail Analytics, Benchmarking

    Asset Monitoring

    Device Control

    Data Visualisation

    Control, Monitor, Evolve

    AAIOT data studio helps you render venue and visitor data in semantic ways while providing the tools to help you realise retail and property objectives. 

    Our focus is to help retail operators supercharge venue traffic and profitability by leveraging data. Digital signage is not the only element in retail we can bring to the table. Our retail analytics platform offers a diverse range of functions to help you derive new impact. From in-store sensing of merchandise, interactive solutions to macro-tracking of footfall and shoppers journey. We have got you covered.

    Prime Cases
    k11 margin

    Solution Showcase

    Managing complex signage networks at K11 Musea

    Learn how we helped K11 Musea revolutionise content delivery in digital signage. AAIOT companies built and deployed a network of over 1000 signage devices powered by our proprietary signage management solution that provides unmatched flexibility. 

    We help retail operators be more efficient, adaptable and collaborative.