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Reimagine how residential homes and estates are built and managed.

Different people look for different services. We embrace human-centered design

At AAIOT Group we are highly focused on creating a unified platform for IoT adoption and digitisation across various industries. For us, residential IoT is so much more than just home automation. Our solution covers the broader spectrum of living spaces and the estate as a whole. We want to improve people’s experiences beyond control. We want to provide the tools for operators to better serve tenants. The idea is to design a solution that serves the needs for both sides of the story. 



Home automation should be appropriate and effective. Offering greater comfort. Intuitive control that works for different families.


Ease of access to Carparks, clubhouse and other estate facilities.


Help residents be a part of the estate community. E.g. Get notified about events, maintenance schedules and more.


The modern digital footprint extends beyond the home. Connect seamlessly across everything.



Understand the realty status of the estate, tenants, residents, vacancies and more. Help property developers realise greater returns.


Ensure safety by providing proactive surveillance across the estate.


Management of operators and estate team. Work schedules, responsibilities and asset management.


Track consumption of energy and the disposal of waste to promote sustainability.


Safe authorisation and secure access for visitors and workers to home and estate premises.

We believe in the balance of residential and operational duality. AAIOT streamlines digitisation of estates and offers a wide range of features to make living safer and more enjoyable. While allowing operators to improve efficiency and facilitate better services.

Solutions for the Residential Sector

Our solution stack for the residential market has two fronts. The interface that residents use; accounting for home experiences and how they interact with the estate. The second front is the interfaces that estate operators use. Which includes tools to help manage the estate and facilitate services. With our platform, we aggregate all the above to provide a comprehensive ecosystem where everything is interconnected.

Enable Home Automation

We have reinvented how traditional home automation is implemented. Instead of multiple solutions that control siloed systems. We provide a unified interface that controls them all. Our solution is likewise integrated with estate services. Allowing residents to control, reserve and manage everything seamlessly.

Single action, multiple devices

Customisable Triggers

Link with estate services

Mobile and home panels

Set themes, create triggers, integrate with calendars for automation. Our solution is built to cater for basic or advanced users.

Estate Facilities and Services

Secure Access

Manage visitors and people

Smart Carpark

Track Assets

Access to estate and facilities with the resident mobile application by QR scanning or Bluetooth geofencing. App-based reservations for services. Automated car park access with plate recognition. Secure visitor and people tracking with smart surveillance and digital declarations. Integrate with other services, like residential cards and more. Our solution offers a full range of solutions to help operators adopt digital.

Regional Leader in Digitising Estates

Home automation has been around for many years. We are the pioneers of estate digitisation. Taking the next step in creating solutions that elevate living experiences beyond the premise of people’s homes. We help property developers build smart estates that appeal to the tech-savvy home buyers of the 21st century. 


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Solutions for more than 

Homes and Families

We design and build your estate wide IoT infrastructure

Our residential solution stack provides the digital interface that residents and operators use on a daily basis. To power all the incredible features our solution offers. AAIOT Group builds the entire physical infrastructure to enable this. 



Low-voltage and Audio-visual

Communal Areas

From cabling, connectivity, physical and digital interface, audiovisual equipment to connected doors and lifts. Sensors and actuators for communal areas. We provide them all.

Unified Dashboard

For the residential sector, operators will leverage our tried and tested IoT core engine. The unified dashboard would allow them to monitor and manage all common devices and facilities in their respective estates. 

Analytics, Benchmarking

Asset Monitoring

Device Control

Data Visualisation

Proactive Maintenance, Smart Security, Reduce Consumption

With effective usage of sensors and actuators, we help operators to track and address issues across multiple estates. We leverage AI to monitor passively and notify when action is required (Intrusion, leakage etc.). Our solution also helps operators understand when energy consumption can be saved (remotely switch off lights when certain facilities are not in use).

We digitise residential estates to elevate living experiences as a whole.