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We build digital tools and systems for learning spaces and governmental institutions

Creating spaces that facilitates what people do

Institution is a broad market that we serve. We combined our expertise in retail and corporate to provide a stack of solutions that is aimed at 3 sectors. For education, mainly higher education, universities and schools. For government bodies, we build solutions for the various departments and their respective venues of operations. For NGO’s, we offer similar services in creating digital systems that promote efficiency and technology adoption. Our job is the build the infrastructure that supports how each of these sectors help people interact in their respective space. 


We build spaces and provide the tools for teachers to teach and students to learn. 


We help government bodies and departments deliver services to people more efficiently.


We have helped hundreds of corporates and NGOs developed a more digital workspace. 

AAIOT streamlines digitisation of space and let clients control, monitor and facilitate better services. Think of queuing solutions, interactive kiosks and other digital solutions that end users might need in a government venue. Conversely, From picture the audiovisual solutions, signage that universities might need for their rooms and lecture halls. AAIOT provides the platform that powers them all.  


Think of the different ways people interact with institutional space. Some use space to learn, others use the space to deliver a service, while the others receive said services. Our company create solutions to help improve these experiences for all parties. Imagine the possibilities:

  • Lecture Hall Audiovisual
  • Smart Reservations
  • Automated Library Access
  • Trackable Space and Devices
  • Mobile Applications
  • Improved Security
  • Conference and Streaming Solutions
  • Many others
  • A better learning environment

    Our platforms are primarily built for higher education. However, smaller schools and institutions can benefit from our solutions as well. We connect spaces to unify control and monitoring; to provide a safe, secure and private environment for people to teach and learn.

    Monitor rooms remotely

    MOOCs, livestreams

    Wayfinder with room schedules

    Student App Companion

    Traditional solutions we offer include lecture tools, projection, microphone systems, live streaming and more. We also build dynamic digital signage that helps visitors with navigation. To students, an app that helps them find space to learn, access facilities, or even see their own schedule. 

    Digital systems to serve people

    Public Facilities

    Learning Centers

    Conference Space

    Government Services

    For government bodies, our solutions are built for town halls, public amenities, museums, and more. Serving the different bureaus that offer services to people. From transport, finance, legal, and many other departments. We are focused on creating the digital infrastructure that these venues need. We install the likes of audiovisual systems, interactive solutions, networking and more. Once we have the foundations complete, our teams look at more innovative solutions we can add to help our clients offer better services.

    We Build Better Campuses

    We have worked with numerous institutional clients. Built solutions for all 7 recognised universities in Hong Kong and many more in Asia. Integrated systems for over 10 local governmental bureau. Our systems are used by thousands of people every day.


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    Solutions for 

    Government Bureau
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    Notable Clients

    Facilitating Services and More

    At AAIOT, we want to build the digital infrastructure that complements the services and facilities our institutional clients have to offer. How do we help our clients better serve their people? How do we automate repetitive operations? These are some of the challenges we seek to solve.

    Appointment Scheduling

    Facility Access

    Queuing Solution

    Connected Online Services

    Ranging from library access and borrowing, queuing systems for onsite services, online appointment scheduling to remote authorisation for facility access. We develop these customised modules completely in-house to ensure a perfect fit into your existing operations.

    Unified Dashboard

    For the institution market, we leverage the same engine that powers our solutions for retail and corporate sectors. The engine serve as the base for data analytics and data visualisation. While offering tools for operators to address issues in real-time.

    Analytics, Benchmarking

    Asset Monitoring

    Device Control

    Data Visualisation

    Track devices, resolve issues remotely

    Think of the projection unit in any classroom and the microphones that connect to the audio. Now recall how often these devices were faulty or went missing when they are needed. Quite simply, the issue lies in the reliability and accountability of these devices. At AAIOT, we help track devices, show when and where problems occur. And we allow our users to address the problem remotely. 

    Prime Cases

    Solution Showcase

    Connected Spaces for China’s Leading Business School

    At Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management (SEM), one of China’s leading business schools. We implemented a state-of-the-art control solution that controls many spaces. Ranging from lecture halls, tutorial rooms all the way to conference theatres. 

    Cater to a young, tech savvy generation.