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Build a frictionless workspace that helps your people work and meet better

Modernize your workplace and empower people to do their best work

AAIOT Group has developed a suite of solutions to help corporate clients digitise their workspace. Our solutions is created to let people focus on key tasks rather than managing engagements that takes away from output. We help companies eliminate no-show, hijacked spaces; improve workplace experience and help people save time.

Office frustrations in modern workspaces

Let’s face it, we have all encountered some bad office experiences.

Space Issues

People overbook and hold space hostage when it could have been better used by others. Limited visibility leads to unwanted action; people might steal rooms to accommodate their needs.


People simply don’t show up; getting people on board has always been a challenge.

Mismatch of resources

It’s frustrating when the room is too small or doesn’t have the equipment you require.

Device Issues

Got the right room at the right time slot only to find out the projector is not working. What’s next?

Imagine a solution that can alleviate all your office irritations.

Packed with a ton of capabilities to help you manage rooms, make people accountable and optimise space usage.

Easy impromptu meetings

Accel facility impromptu meetings to ensure it doesn’t get the way of your people’s fixed meeting schedules.


If no one shows up to a scheduled meeting, Accel can intelligently release the space for others to use.


Accel makes it easy for you to invite people to participate. We can notify attendees via SMS, App, emails and more.

Building Accountability

Accel can automatically track check-ins and attendance; deterring no-shows and abandonment of rooms.

We set out to create a solution that accounts for a younger, more tech-savvy workforce. A product that is easy to integrate and even easier for people to use. With smart tools that alleviate office space frustrations; let your people focus on tasks that matter most. Support people with tools that help them find, schedule, and use your workspace with ease.

Core Solutions for Corporates

We focus on core objectives, rather than singular solutions that only bring fleeting benefits. Our platform powers connected solutions that elevate corporate and workspaces as a whole. Our platform orchestrates and manages a vast number of nodes and align assets, solutions to spark new synergies.

Workspaces are complex, with many things that share the same space. From people, devices to space. These things interact with each other and generate an abundance of data. We offer a whole suite of solutions to help corporate better serve their people, visitors and other stakeholders. 

  • Workspace Reservation
  • Visitor Kiosk
  • Office Directory
  • Co-working Solutions
  • Hot Desk Systems
  • Meeting Room Control
  • People Access
  • Many others
  • Improve How People Meet

    We provide a powerful room scheduling assistant that helps your people meet better. Reimagine the availability of space, make meeting rooms available to the right person at the right time. 

    Everything Trackable

    Impromptu Meetings

    Meeting Automation

    Multiple Interface

    Our smart meeting room system lets people reserve rooms remotely or directly outside the rooms via an interactive panel. We are able to connect any device to make automation possible. From switching to presentation mode (curtains down, projector on etc.) to automated shut downs when the room is not in use. Our solution intelligently works for people. 

    Elevate the Working Environment

    The modern workplace is a space for people to collaborate, share and work. Many corporations has gradually adopted hot desk layouts in recent years as it offers more flexibility for its people while eliminating barriers of communication. At AAIOT group, we provide a suite if solutions that helps offices implement hot desk seamlessly.

    Hot Desking

    Co-working Spaces

    Maximise Space Resources

    Data At a Glance

    From reserving hot desk for short burst of work, to finding collegues to collaborate on a project. Our solutions provide the granular tools to control and facilitate hot desk arrangements in any office space. Think a mix of hot desk and fixed desk layouts, of recurring reservations for secondment employees. Our solution has the features to offer them all. 

    Trusted By Leading Corporates

    From a single room to a thousand desks, accel can be integrated in your local network or our enterprise servers, no restrictions. 

    Workplace Experiences

    Saved Cost

    Green Initiative

    Maximise Efficiency

    Our suite of solutions can be integrated with a plethora of extension modules. From facial recognition, presence tracking to payment gateways. Let us automate and optimize your office for you. Realise a range of benefits from energy savings, improved accountability and elevated efficiency. 

    ProAV and Internet of Things

    AAIOT Group is one of the leading smart office solution providers in the region. We have collectively designed and integrated over ten thousand sensors and actuators for all our clients. With over 1 billion megabytes of data transferred to date.

    Internet of Things

    Connected Devices
    0 K+


    Megabytes of Data
    0 Billion

    Notable Clients

    Office Control and Automation

    Our solutions are not all about space reservations. We are about providing intuitive and efficient controls for devices as well. Let you people control any device from a user interface. Connect real-time data and let people understand whats going on aorund them. 

    User Adaptive

    Buildable Themes

    Smart Triggers and Conditions

    Alerts and Notifications

    Create rules to switch off lights when meeting rooms are not in use. Turn on projection units before a schedule. Our solution reduces errands and makes cost and energy savings effortless.

    Delivering Information Effectively

    We help you monitor everyone on your premise in real-time. See the activity timeline of each visitor, from check-in to exit. View up-coming meetings and trace visitor logs. Our solution aggregates all data and lets you learn more about how you engage and manage your visitor as a whole.


    Visitor Engagement

    Multiple Channels

    Efficient Signage

    Why let visitors wait around themselves? Guide them across your complex to their meeting room, provide secure and immediate access. Accel powers connected displays and in-app navigations to makes this simple and intuitive for your visitors.

    We Build All Your Touch Points

    We are not just software. AAIOT Group provides and integrates our proprietary hardware to help companies adopt digital. From our touch interactive panels, cordless and efficient E-ink displays to gateways that ties everything together. We offer them all. 

    Interactives Touchpoints

    E-Ink Cordless Options

    Sensors and Actuators

    Control Gateways

    Our solution supports calendar integrations for Office365, Outlook, Exchange or any standard OA system. Let people seamlessly transition between mobile applications, wall panels and web interfaces. Simply book anywhere.

    Unified Dashboard

    From monitoring equipment health, remote locking rooms to switching off lights when spaces are not in use. Our smart office solutions can power connected systems that automates for your people.

    Analytics, Benchmarking

    Asset Monitoring

    Granular, Macro Device Control

    Data Visualisation

    Control, Monitor, Evolve

    Leverage management systems to help you understand and organise meeting schedules according to your people. Plan better resource maintenance initiatives and maximize productivity.

    Uncover and define how people interact with your space. Discover popular meeting rooms, hot periods. Review attendance and room usage. Gain actionable insights, leverage underutilized resources, realize time savings and evolve your workspace. Beyond understanding how your people work; we provide a range of tools to help you understand how and when people use devices, spaces. We let you plan and anticipate demand with ease. 

    Smart Workspaces are Essential under the New Normal

    The world is changing, a new normal has emergedWe believe health and safety measures will become a permanent fixture in society. From corporate offices to schools and governmental facilities. We help people get back to business by providing a solutions to give your people peace of mind. Eliminate human contact for thermal scanning and temperature taking. Digitise health declaration forms. Provide safe and immediate access for your people and your visitors

    Prime Cases

    Solution Showcase

    Building Office Automation and Intuitive Space Reservations 

    At the landmark smart district of Lingang Taopu Smart City Shanghai we implemented multiple smart office and space reservation solutions to help people and operators better access assets, space and devices.

    We help people better access and control space, devices and other connectable assets.