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Create controllable and manageable systems that connect with the future

We specialise in digitising people-centric spaces, industries that people work, live and play in.

AAIOT services provide a rapid, safe and reliable pathway to connect things to the internet. It transforms complex device and data networks into intuitive, controllable systems; rendering device and data more accessible; while offering diverse and innovative solutions for any vertical. 

Digital Twin

Device Orchestration
People Management
Proactive Maintenance

AAIOT is a ProAVIT platform that creates digital twin to help operators manage physical mediums and optimise digital assets. The platform spans the broader field of legacy and IoT control. A central nexus that connects people to machines, and machines to one another. Our platform ecosystem handles all the commonalities between industries and provide a unified platform to power everything. 

Improve Conditions

Connect devices to proactively manage ambient conditions

People Experiences

Build better interactions between space, device and people


Eliminate redundant processes and improve operationally output

Elevated Efficiency

Leverage data and devices to automate and reduce cost


Realise impact and savings in energy consumption and waste

We integrate multi-ware and digital solutions for our clients. Our focus is to help businesses realise improvements, generate tangible benefits and open new opportunities. In order to increase competitiveness in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

Our Clients

We work with clients from a wide array of industries

Expore our key industries

We have worked with clients from a plethora of industries and verticals. We deliver for industries that focus on people, spaces that is used and populated with people. Learn how we help our clients engage their visitors and support their people to do the best work. 


Revolutionise how people interact with your space

From tracking visitor behaviour to managing digital signage networks. We help you unify and manage your retail assets in tandem. 

Notable Solutions

  • Digital Signage
  • Smart Carpark
  • Smart Restroom
  • Interactive Kiosks
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Footfall Tracking
  • Visitor Application
  • Many others
  • Smart Corporate

    Elevate your workspace to help people achieve more

    Help your people control and make sense of their surroundings. Let them focus on work that matters most.

    Notable Solutions

  • Workspace Reservation
  • Visitor Kiosk
  • Office Directory
  • Co-working Solutions
  • Hot Desk Systems
  • Meeting Room Control
  • People Access
  • Many others
  • Institutions

    Provide a superior learning environment

    We build system infrastructure and digital solutions for schools, higher education and post-secondary institutions.

    Notable Solutions

    • Lecture Hall Audiovisual
    • Smart Reservations
    • Library Access
    • Trackable Space and Devices
    • School Mobile Applications
    • Improved Security
    • Conference and Streaming Solutions
    • Many others

    Improve guest experiences, offer a personalised touch

    We build guest control solutions and conference audiovisual systems. To help hotels and resorts provide an effective experience. 

    Notable Solutions

    • In-room Controls
    • Guest Kiosk
    • Digital Access to facilities
    • Audiovisual Systems
    • Guest journey personalisation
    • Meeting Room Control
    • People Access
    • Many others

    Creating better living districts and communal accountability

    We build technologies to help estate operators better maintain assets and promote a safer, better environment for all residents. 

    Notable Solutions

    • Digital Concierge
    • Smart Carpark
    • Digital Facilities
    • Trackable Assets
    • Resident Applications
    • Improved Security
    • People Management
    • Many others

    Want to build greater solutions that span beyond our industry markets?