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Discover why digital queuing is essential for the New Normal

Queue Management and Digital Signage Deployment at IKEA Hong Kong

The world is changing, crowds are shunned while social distancing is embraced. We should consider how services are delivered with new lenses to design improvements that adhere to the standards of the new normal. Under the new normal, digital queue management and queuing solutions not only have become a way to elevate service experience. It has also become an indispensable part of service that promotes the well-being of visitors.

At its core, digital queue management leverages physical tickets and digital interfaces to call ticket numbers to eliminate the need for queuing. As technology continues to progress, greater flexibility and options have become available. At AAIOT Group, we design and build queue solutions that synergise with our client’s operations. QMS, developed by Aura Labs has been used by many industry leaders in retail, banking, corporate, and governmental service venues.

Queue Solutions built by Aura Labs and leverages BrightSign, Bluefin Displays in conjunction with SCHOT

Queue solutions can be implemented to fit a range of scenarios, from visitor gaining access to the venue, obtaining services, to food & beverage reservations. QMS provides the solution core to provide flexible possibilities.

Our solution QMS offers unique capabilities to help businesses provide better queuing experiences

QMS has a range of features and extensions that provides greater granularity and control for businesses with variable queue demands and procedures. On the other hand, QMS also provides in-depth tools and insights to help businesses manage queues and facilitate operations. Let’s explore how QMS can help you reduce visitor wait times and freshen services.

Improved Queue Mechanism

One of the fundamental challenges of digital queuing solutions is catering to different queue and service types. Consider common practices from VIP only queues, multiple queues with multiple servers, to queues for different services spliced with reservable time-slots. The key advantage of QMS is that we can cater to all of the above scenarios. Moreover, a digital queue procedure would also result in reduced errors and costs for the operator.

The standard QMS visitor journey

With a simple QMS integration, visitors can simply select the appropriate service on an interactive kiosk as soon as they arrive at your venue. The visitor will obtain a calling number ticket. The visitor is then free to roam around your venue without having to wait in line. Once it’s the visitor’s turn for service; displays and a calling system will be engaged to notify the customer.

From paper tickets to a completely digital experience

QMS can be upgraded to be completely digital that supports online reservations and walk-in visitors simultaneously. To go paperless, we replace tickets with QR codes or call numbers based on mobile applications, link to a web-based experience and even SMS. When it’s the visitors’ turn, they will now get a pop-up or SMS on their mobile device on top of location signage notifications. With a digital interface, it would also be easier to implement a more personalised queuing journey for VIPs or members.

QMS Core Features
  1. Customizable queuing options
  2. Kiosk hardware design and integration
  3. Hardware automation and connectivity
  4. Multiple kiosks and display endpoints
  5. A scalable system, with adaptable integration with existing systems
  6. Mobile Application and web-based format
  7. Support for multiple languages, including audio
  8. More…

The Teller Application. Help employees facilitate better services.

The teller is a companion application for your employees or servers to facilitate queue management at your venue. At the surface, the app is a mobile interface with the possibility to integrate with a physical interface such as call buttons and microphones. While the app let service personnel call and re-call queue numbers with a simple click, we add greater control for your employees to jump numbers, fast track VIPs and more. The solution also provides a wealth of other metrics and data to help employees better manage queues. With proper actions, QMS can help you improve flows, and reduce irregularities from free queueing.

Actionable Data

  • QMS can provide the following real-time data to help your people serve better.
    1. Queue length total or individual queues, how many tickets waiting
    2. The average wait time between numbers
    3. Number of services completed in the past hour
    4. Flexible actions, push tickets to the front, re-call numbers, cancel numbers, mark numbers as “in progress”, assign personnel to VIP members
    5. Live chat with online reservations
    6. Automation to re-call or cancel numbers
    7. How long each visitors/ticket has waited
    8. VIP details when the visitor has registered online
    9. VIP arrivals based on Bluetooth integrations and app usage

The elements that tie everything together. QMS extensions

QMS leverages our ProAVIoT platform to connect with a plethora of sensors, actuators and endpoints. From digital signage that displays ticket numbers to automated audio ticket calls. We can utilitse IoT to provide numerous possibilities. The goal is to create a seamless queue and service experience that fits the operations of our clients.

  • Digital signage plays media while showing ticket numbers
  • Audio signaling in multiple languages, pre-recorded calls, or live call options
  • Other integrations, with lighting, lock for access and other devices
  • Many more…
Queue Management Caller and Displays at YFLife Insurance

Queue Data and Insights

QMS captures and generates valuable insights to help you learn about your service and demand. Identify when traffic surges during the week and add more hands-on deck to address the demand changes of daily operations. Or discover how many visitors, members have been served, the average wait times and which employee provided the most services. We provide a dynamic range or reports and dashboard tools to let you take advantage of your data.

Connect with one of our solution representatives to discuss your queuing solution needs. Starting from square one or already have something in mind, we are here to help you deploy QMS across single to multiple venues.  

Digital queuing solutions can impress your visitors with appropriate use of digital while reshaping interactions and eliminate waiting in line. It can also help your employees focus on what matters most, providing a worthwhile experience for you customers.

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