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Powering a connected world with ProAVIOT​
We open new possibilities in system construction, maintenance and beyond


Leveraging Retail Data
We help you build impactful solutions that tap into the data rich environment of retail spaces.
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Building the Future

Powering a connected world with ProAVIOT

We are the pioneers of a new medium of technology enablement, named ProAVIOT. Our work leverage IoT and people-centric solutions to open new possibilities in system construction, maintenance and beyond, 

Our Technologies

Discover New System Possibilities.

Truly multi-modal

Make seemingly disparate things empirically compatible. People, data and beyond.

Evolving Solutions

Leverage solutions that grow with your operations. Modular and extendible.

Full Spectrum

We make digital easier to navigate by replacing clutter with clarity and automation.

Quantifiable Impact

Realise impact. From saved costs, sustainability, to operational efficiency.

Our Services

cutting-edge systems. end to end.

Solution Consultation

Design impactful solutions to help you realise radical digital initiatives

Digital Transformation

Build digital engines to manage and power your operations with data

Systems Integration

Integrate world-class physical and digital systems in any business and property

Evolving Synergies

Centralise engineering and technology services with unmatched efficiency

Our Verticals

Transformative solutions for your industry

Connected Retail

Automated audio and visual, interactive kiosks, visitor behavior tracking, dynamic digital signage

Intelligent Properties

Device and asset management, tenancy and access, smart restroom, smart carpark


Space reservations, meeting room controls, visitor management, hot-desk solutions

Digital Estates

Home control, estate services, facility access, safety and security, asset management

Smart Manufacturing

Machinery control, environment sensing, consumption & waste management

We serve a wide range of industries covering connected properties to smart cities.

Key works & insights

Explore what we do best

Nov 20, 2020

Merging art with technology, world class digital signage for k11

K11 Musea is one of the latest prime retail destination in Asia. In this project we integrated a vast signage network of over 1000 players as well as our state-of-the-art software solutions

Emerging Retail

Why do shoppers leave? Identify visitor frustrations and recapture those who exit early.

Our Leadership

Meet the people behind AAIOT Group.

Digital Transformation in Retail

We strive to be different, to pursuit authentic visitor experiences that people love.

All Our Insights

Latest news and insights in ProAVIOT

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